Election 2020: Is It Done and Dusted? Has the Fat Lady Sung?

Possibly, despite considerable evidence of fraud. In any event, barring a smoking cannon or two, the Supreme Court probably won’t salvage the election for Trump.

A post by Trump supporter Anatoly Karlin — though I don’t agree with all of it — makes some good points. The vote counts are incomplete in several States, but the results to date support Karlin’s central thesis, which is that Trump lost just enough ground in key States (or Biden gained just enough ground in those States) to cause them to flip from Red to Blue. (See the table at the bottom of this post.)

If fraud isn’t at the bottom of Biden’s tentative victory, what might be? A degree of revulsion for Trump that blinded many voters to the dire consequences of a Biden win, especially if accompanied by Democrat control of Congress.

Despite my faint hope for a reversal of the apparent outcome, I will carry on:

I will continue to update the list of links to allegations of election fraud (here) … just in case.

When all of the votes have been tallied and certified, I will update the graph that describes the statistical relationship between GOP candidates’ shares of electoral votes and shares of popular votes. (See this post.)

And I will write about the possible consequences of a Biden-Harris presidency (you read that right), even if they aren’t quite as dire as the outlook implied in this post.

Here’s the table that shows Trump’s (almost) across-the-board slippage, where the light-blue fill indicates States that flipped from Red to Blue:

Note: I expect Trump’s share of the nationwide tally in 2020 to drop as more results are tallied. Only 77 percent of California’s votes have been counted, for example, and a full count will open the gap between Biden and Trump.