Is the Vaccine Making a Difference?

Perhaps. In graph below I have plotted 7-day moving averages of the daily numbers of new COVID-19 cases and deaths. The plot of deaths is moved to the right by 24 days because the highest correlation between cases and deaths occurs with a 24-day lag from cases to deaths. Although the case rate began to decline in mid-January 2021, the death rate held steady through early March, and then began to drop only after about 10 percent of the populace had been fully vaccinated.

However, the leveling-off of death rate suggests that the vaccination rate is too low given (a) the more infectious nature of new strains of COVID-19 and (b) the rate at which personal interactions are rising.

But the COVID pandemic is not nearly as lethal as the Spanish flu, regardless of what the hand-wringing, lockdowining governors, mayors, and epidemiologists say.

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