Fighting Modernity

Yesterday, in this post, I quoted this one. The writer, one Tim Stanley, makes some other good points; for example:

I don’t belong in this era and I really do not like it….

Traditionalists have little to no political power, precisely because they are out of step with the age and so out of step with the democratic will. So, short of building a time machine and going back to the 1860s, what is there left to do?…

I’ve reached the conclusion that traditionalists should reject politics and focus on art. We should take back control of the cultural institutions – universities, academies, churches, periodicals – and use them to promote beauty. We should try to live charitably, fully and well – to be examples and trend setters…. And we should not accept our fate as mere critics of civilisation … but instead become the architects of a new one. For we traditionalists don’t contribute nearly enough to our society. Helping to improve it could mean anything from blogging to writing a symphony.

It is premature to give up on politics, and it is quixotic to seek control of universities (or very many of them).But until that day when traditionalists are no longer free to express themselves openly, the least we can do is strive to preserve a semblance of beauty, civility, and truth in literature and the arts, in political discourse, and even in science, which is becoming a tool of statist schemers.