An Unsolicited Endorsement

I’ve tried many feed readers (a.k.a. RSS aggregators). The best of the bunch, so far, is NewsBlur ( The things I like about it:

It’s web-based rather than a stand-alone program.

A free subscription allows for 64 feeds, which is a generous number. (I currently have 42 feeds, most of them blogs.)

The layout is clean. The default layout is three panes: feeds (sources) on the left; links (with summaries) in the center, grouped by feed; link content (e.g., a blog post) on the right, with images and internal links displayed in web-page format.

Unread left-pane links are highlighted in bold. They’re automatically “read” as the user scrolls through them, and the content automatically displays in the right pane as the user scrolls through them.

I’m not sure how long “read” links remain available, but I began to scroll through the links of a prolific blog and finally quit when I was 8 days into the past.

It’s easy to open a link in a new tab for viewing at full size, thought the right-pane views are good for short articles.

I’m sure there are other worthwhile features. But I’ve only been using NewsBlur for a few days and haven’t had time to fully explore and exploit its design.