Report an Attack

Creepy Doings at

Obama for America is “an Authorized Committee of a Candidate For the Office of President or Vice President.” The website is “paid for by Obama for America.” There is (as of this writing) a post at dated September 13, 2011, “Launching,” which announces a “new resource,” namely Among the features of that site is Report an attack:

This rather unsophisticated stab at compiling an enemies list will come back to haunt the O. Although the effort has just begun, it already has garnered some attention. I expect the snowball effect to kick in tomorrow.

P.S. I will be proud if I am placed on the enemies list, though I will leave it to the creeps at to find for themselves the large number of attacks that I have posted on this blog. Grrrr.

P.P.S. (09/23/11) It seems that Attack Watch was mortally wounded by the attacks (and ridicule) it drew.