A Quotation to Ponder

Thanks to Samizdata.net for this:

Full government control of all activities of the individual is virtually the goal of both national parties.

–Ludwig von Mises, Economic Freedom and Interventionism

My take: The parties differ in the kinds of activities they would control, and the degree to which they would control them. Democrats would control economic activity (including almost anything remotely related to it), speech, association, and religion (the press gets a pass because it is Democrat-controlled). Beside that ambitious (and almost-accomplished) agenda, the GOP’s agenda is relatively anarchistic.

That said, I favor the GOP, mainly because it isn’t the Democrat Party. And there is far more hope of the GOP returning to the limited-government ethic of the Harding-to-Taft era than there is of the Democrats returning to the limited-government ethic of Grover Cleveland.

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