A curmudgeon (of which caste I am a member), makes it the work of a lifetime to eschew social intercourse that doesn’t derive from an emotional, intellectual, or transactional relationship. Among the many kinds of social intercourse that I strive to avoid are these:

  1. Junk mail
  2. Junk calls
  3. E-mail spam
  4. Blog spam.

The volume of junk mail has declined markedly in recent years, thanks to the internet. The remnant is easily dealt with: I throw it out.

I long ago brought junk calls under control by (a) monitoring incoming calls, (b) letting most of them go to my answering machine, and (c) using a call blocker to prevent recurring calls from solicitors, political campaigns, and other pestilences.

E-mail spam became so annoying at a former e-mail address that I changed my address, with excellent results.

My blog has no comment spam because I don’t allow comments. But despite countermeasures against trackback spam, I have been unable to eliminate it on a few posts. I’m not content to delete it; I want to prevent it. Like junk mail, junk calls, and other forms of spam, trackback spam is an offense against civilization, and those who emit it should be boiled in oil.

Why do I continue to receive trackback spam on a few posts, and what will I do about it? I suspect that spammers infected those posts while they were open to trackbacks; that is, the spammers implanted code that enables them to continue to post trackback spam despite my countermeasures against it. So here’s what I will do about it: Reissue the infected posts using new, uninfected text and images. (Stay tuned for three See the four old/new posts in the coming days dated September 19, 2013.)

Will that work? I fervently hope so, because I like spam about as much as I like cockroaches. The only good cockroach is a dead one. The only good spammer is one who has been drawn, quartered, and bludgeoned.

Next on my coping menu: Austin’s drivers, and bicyclists who insist on acting as if roads were built for them. I can’t avoid driving, so I can’t avoid other drivers and bicyclists. Perhaps I shall buy a tank.

After that? “I’ve Got a Little List.”