Social Norms and Liberty

I often refer to social norms — long-standing and voluntarily evolved — as the bedrock of a truly libertarian order. This page serves as a permanent home for my views about social norms. It includes a long list of posts about social norms, liberty, libertarianism, and the destructive role of government.

2 thoughts on “Social Norms and Liberty

  1. Every society must have norms (the question is whether or not they are good ones). The hope is that some day reality will reassert itself.


  2. Most of the norms that used to prevail in the United States were good ones. Leftists like to use slavery and racial discrimination as counter-examples. Slavery wasn’t a true social norm, but a practice engaged in by a relatively small number of persons that was legalized because those persons had a lot of political power. Racial discrimination is a fact of human nature that was and is by no means confined to the South or to whites. White “liberal” yuppies discriminate just as assiduously as rednecks. But they discriminate by their actions, which belie their words. They live in areas where there are few or no blacks, and (when there are “too many” blacks in public schools) they send their children to private schools. They know that they’re hypocrites, so they vote “left” to compensate for their crypto-racism.

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