“We the People” and Other American Myths

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From the Preface:

I decided to title this volume “We the People” and Other American Myths because there are so many misconceptions about the governance of the United States, beginning with the fable that the Constitution is somehow a product of “the people.” Following closely upon that myth is the be-lief that the Supreme Court — which has violated the Constitution countless times — is the final and sole interpreter of its meaning.

Two other myths that I address in this volume are the illegality of secession and the idea that secession is “bad” be-cause it’s associated with the defense of slavery. Secession is legal, and the South had good reason to secede, other than a desire to preserve slavery.

Also addressed:

• the constitutionality of the sacred cow known as Social Security

• freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and privacy as absolute rights under the Constitution

• feel-good attitudes, such as nation = society, active presidents are great presidents, and democracy is to die for.

There’s much more packed into the 49 essays comprised in the volume.