“Conservative” Collabos

Collabo is French slang for collaborateur, or collaborator. I occasionally drop in in The American Conservative (TAC) just to see what the collabos there are up to.

They’re up to their old tricks:

Trying to discredit conservatives who (correctly) identify “liberalism” with fascism by cherry-picking some (alleged) mistakes in their writings. This is on a par with acquitting O.J. Simpson because he made a good show of “proving” that the gloves (shrunken with disuse) didn’t easily fit his hands.

Attacking Nikki Haley for (God forbid) taking firm, pro-U.S. and pro-Israeli stands at the UN.

Proclaiming that Trump’s “weakness” explains the harshness of his foreign-policy rhetoric. This is a classic case of psychological projection. Trump is simply the anti-Obama who refuses to allow second- and third-rate powers to push the U.S. around. But being pushed around is exactly what the wusses at TAC seem to enjoy.

Celebrating the UN’s “repudiation” of the Trump administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In fact, it was Trump who repudiated the UN by daring to do what his feckless predecessors were too weak to do.

If TAC is good for anything, it’s a good test of the effectiveness of my blood-pressure medication.

2 thoughts on ““Conservative” Collabos

  1. I gave up on paleocons over a decade ago. It was in response to their Iraq War stance. I thought at the time (and still think) there was much to criticize about that conflict and its long-term effects. I was initially sympathetic to the Buchanites. I voted for Buchanan in 2000. But I soon discovered that paleo rhetoric was lacking in balance. It was also opportunistic — viz.. the paleos now applauding the UN because it’s against Trump — as well as obstructionist and contrarian — viz. in the 2006 mid-terms TAC urged people to oppose the Bush administration by voting Democrat. During the Iraq War paleos allied with Marxists, anarchists, and any number of conspiracy theorists and kooks who could be lumped into the anti-Bush camp.


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