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I started blogging at WordPress in September 2009. Viewership built gradually and reached a satisfying level in late 2010. It continued at that level until November 2012.

But in the wake of the dispiriting election of 2012, I posted infrequently from November 2012 until June 2013. Coincidentally (or not), page views dropped to almost zero, and rebuilt slowly. But viewership never returned to the level attained before November 2012.

What do I make of this?

Is it an old lesson re-learned? If you want to build readership and hold onto your readers, don’t take a vacation from blogging. Blog often. Visibility to search engines depends more on quantity than on quality.

Does it also help to blog on a variety of topics? I suspect that this blog has lost some readership because my focus is narrow.

Or, given my outspoken and unrelenting opposition to Obama and the regulatory-welfare state, was this blog targeted for “throttling” by Google’s algorithms?

Comments? Advice?

UPDATE: Another possibility. With the rise of Facebook and Twitter, blogs are less popular than they were several years ago.


4 thoughts on “Slow Traffic

  1. I typically read your blog once a week via a recurring email that contains your blog posts. Unless I want to comment I don’t visit your blog. That might be contributing to lower readership.


  2. When it comes to the topic of politics, I think that the rise of popular YouTube commentators (such as Ben Shapiro) also draws a lot of attention away from blogs, particularly among younger audiences.

    Before I began blogging, I scoured the Internet for advice on drawing traffic and the advice was generally the same (given the average person’s attention span) – include images or videos to break up long text passages, and keep posts under 800 words in length. I’ve noticed various bloggers break those rules and enjoy a large following though.

    Regarding topics, some variety is fine, though I keep seeing unanimity that there should be thematic consistency. When blogging for professional reasons as I’d been (trying to draw employers and work opportunities), the advice was more strict – don’t ever stray from your topic just so that people can easily see what you’re about. Blogs kept for non-professional reasons have more leeway.


  3. I may have found the main reason for the drop. The number of visitors to “Intelligence, Personality, Politics, and Happiness” seems to have dropped a lot in recent months. I discovered it only after moving the post to a new blog, Realities, where I’m posting polished versions of old Politics & Prosperity posts. It’s a way of trying to find a new audience for items that (I believe) are still worth reading, but which don’t get a lot of traffic at P&P.

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