Poetic justice: The “social justice” college was hit with $11 million in punitive damages, $22 million in compensatory damages, for defaming Gibson’s Bakery.

I have warned against drawing conclusions from outliers. But my ditzy, meme-spouting, lesbian*, leftist, Oberlin grad, niece-by-marriage isn’t an outlier. To know her is to know Oberlin. One example: She participated in Occupy Wall Street and then sponged off my investment-banker daughter.

As they say, the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. But ditzes like her — and AOC (and most of the Dem candidates for president) — just don’t get it. That’s why they’re so dangerous.
* NTTAWWT, if one is in fact genetically predisposed to homosexuality. But the number of persons thus endowed must be far smaller than the number proclaiming to be homosexual (or something else “queer”) because of the power of social pressure on those of an impressionable age (which most definitely includes college students). The niece-by-marriage, for example, went off to Oberlin as a sexually active heterosexual and emerged from that cesspool of muddled leftist sloganeering as a lesbian, but — tellingly —  a lesbian of the “lipstick” preference.