A Note to Proponents of Defunding the Police

Be careful what you wish for.

There are already 400 million privately owned firearms in the United States. It is obvious that most owners of those firearms are law-abiding citizens. But they are not supine or spineless citizens. They are prepared to defend themselves, their families, and their property. That’s why gun sales go up whenever there’s a perceived threat to law and order; for example:

What will happen if there are drastic cuts in the funding of police departments? Or if persistent physical and political attacks on police lead to understaffing of police departments and higher crime rates?

Here’s what I believe will happen. Law-abiding gun owners will begin to form their own self-defense groups. They will do so as quietly as possible, to avoid hostile reactions from leftist politicians (and some “political” police chiefs who are their lap dogs). And when the time comes for serious action and the police fail to do their duty — because they have been ordered not to, or because they are overwhelmed — the gun owners will be there. This is more likely to happen in suburbs and exurbs. But there is no reason that the beleaguered (and well-armed) denizens of big cities should continue to stand by while their homes and businesses are looted and burned.

Citizens who are defending themselves, their families, and their property are likely to be less discriminating than police when it comes to shooting someone who is perceived as a possible threat.

You have been warned.

One thought on “A Note to Proponents of Defunding the Police

  1. There is some hope so long as the 2nd amendment remains intact. It is not so much a question of a leftist government invading neighborhoods directly as it is of “progressives” using the lumpenproletariat welfare/student elements to indirectly terrorize the middle class. For now, at least, they can be held at bay. There is no doubt that most Americans, including many centrists and nonconformists, are anti-woke. There is no mass euphoria about the progressive agenda in the U.S. anymore than there is genuine enthusiasm for Kim Jong-un in North Korea. It is top-down conformity. The ideologues can only enforce their will through intimidation and violence.


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