What Would Jimmy Durante Do?

Readership of this blog is at an all-time low.

It’s mainly my fault I suppose,  because I’ve been unable (and sometimes unwilling) to post for long stretches of time. Out of sight out of mind.

I have also failed to deliver fresh content, preferring instead to rehash themes that are especially important to me. I should say theme: the left’s unremitting and increasingly successful attempt to eradicate liberty in the United States.

What would Jimmy Durante have me do? Stay or go? Slog on despite minuscule numbers of visitors and page views, or fold my tent and steal silently away?

Durante didn’t come to a conclusion, as far as I can tell. Nor, if he had done so, should it guide me in this quandary, which is my own to resolve.

I have a post in the pipeline. I will finish it, publish it, and then decide what to do with this blog.

6 thoughts on “What Would Jimmy Durante Do?

  1. Does your views count include views via email-only? I always read your posts but typically within my email account instead of actually clicking on the link and opening wordpress. That might be more common than is apparent.


  2. Good point. Visits and views reported by WordPress would include only direct hits from bookmarks, click-throughs on RSS feeds and e-mails, etc. But, that said, readership is obviously way down from the highs of 4-6 years ago. And it has been declining steadily.


  3. I’ve always made it a point to click on the links to the posts from the e-mails, so that your blog gets the web hits. But I’ve been reading your more recent posts straight from the e-mails on a phone or iPad because of being on the road and short on time. I’m also pretty sure that the recipients to whom I forward your e-mail posts probably never click the links.

    I started reading your blog because of a link on the “Chicago Boyz” blog probably around 2012 or so. Recognized very quickly that you’re one of the best commentators and thinkers around, whatever the blog’s popularity or reach. As you would know, D.C. and the political space are full of people who are trying to show everybody that they’re the smartest in the room. But you and people like Steve Sailer, the late Angelo Codevilla, and a handful of others — whatever one may think of them — are always several rungs above the crowd of “smartest guy in the room” aspirants.

    Always glad to see a new post from Politics and Prosperity pop up in the Inbox, however irregularly they may do so.


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