The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

The following list of enemies of liberty is in no particular order, and is not a mutually exclusive set.

Everyone who appeals to the Constitution of the United States but doesn’t understand its principal premise, which is the co-sovereignty of a central government of enumerated and strictly limited powers (notwithstanding the purely aspirational Preamble, the widely misinterpreted General Welfare, Necessary and Proper, and Interstate Commerce clauses) and the States, which are in fact the creators of the Constitution — not the mythical “we the People”

About half of the elected officials of the federal government

A sizable chunk of the remaining half (who choose to go along rather than be portrayed as “mean”)

Varying percentages of senior appointed officials of the federal government, but about half on average

Probably more than half of judges at all levels of government

Vast numbers of elected and appointed officials of State and local governments

The overwhelming majority of civil servants at all levels of government, with the possible (but diminishing) exception of public-safety officers

Executives of large corporations who foster a cozy relationship with government, as rent-seekers, and who eagerly and visibly endorse government’s social meddling, as virtue-signalers

Almost all of the professoriate in the “liberal” arts and humanities, social “sciences”, and “education” indoctrination centers disciplines

Almost all administrators at colleges and universities

Most public-school teachers and administrators (who are excretions of the collegiate cabals listed immediately above)

Most “human resources” specialists, of whatever rank, wherever they are found

Almost everyone who is employed by any kind of entertainment or news medium, from stars to back-room technicians (the exceptions are notable because they are so few)

Almost everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the creation, performance, or presentation of “art” (musical, visual, plastic, performing, etc.), with the exception of some practitioners of “country” music

Almost everyone who is a patron or aficionado of the aforementioned “arts”

Most American Jews, who are well represented in many of the other categories

The vast majority of members of the various groups favored and supported by government officials, in a long-standing symbiotic relationship, including (but not limited to) blacks, Hispanics, women, homosexuals (and other members of the gender-confused community), and the aforementioned “artists”

“Activists” of most stripes, who wish to remake the world in whatever utopian image enthralls them

An alarming fraction of the clergy of “mainline” religious denominations, who have somehow come to believe that Christ’s exhortations regarding private charity should be enforced by government

The spoiled children of capitalism who populate the campuses of most colleges and universities

Affluent Americans (the more affluent, the more left-leaning), whose unfounded guilt and alienation from reality have caused them to lose sight of the connection between self-reliance and dignity, and government’s powerfully destructive effect on both

A residual but still very large fraction of white working-class persons who hope that government will make their lives better or at least come through with bigger handouts

Every voter who shares those hopes

2 thoughts on “The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

  1. I laughed as I read the list of occupations and fields dominated by the modern “Spanish Inquisition.” Having been in the trenches, I can speak to the the difficulty of finding an occupational niche or job that allows non-liberals to work in peace, free from people actively trying to find out if you’re with them or not.

    Women (as most are left-leaning) are the worst because they seem to presume I share their views thanks to some gender-based magical osmosis. And you’d think HR people would know better than to instigate inappropriate workplace conversations. One seemed about to vomit when I immediately contradicted his positive view of Obama (during what was the 2nd or 3rd time we spoke during the getting-to-know-you stage).

    It seems there’s nowhere to run. I’ve reached out to others who’re bothered by this and have discussed the need to come up with business ideas (virtual company, etc.) that’ll allow isolated, far-flung people on the right to collaborate and earn a living.


  2. A virtual company is a good idea. It would also help to have a non-liberal networking system, through which non-liberals and others could develop contacts and leads to employment in places that are at best non-liberal and at worst apolitical. Perhaps such a thing already exists. If not, it seems like a good business opportunity.

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