Wildfires and “Climate Change”, Again

In view of the current hysteria about the connection between wildfires and “climate change”, I must point readers to a three-month-old post The connection is nil, just like the bogus connection between tropical cyclone activity and “climate change”.

3 thoughts on “Wildfires and “Climate Change”, Again

  1. Governor Brown and state officials have been lecturing President Trump with regards to his comments about California’s forestry management.

    The President argued that the state — ostensibly for ecological and environmental reasons — has left standing over 100 million dead trees.

    As a native Californian, I remember when the forestry department aggressively clear-cut dead timber, added fire breaks and regularly scheduled controlled burns of the undergrowth.

    So-called experts have advised the President that clear-cutting does not work, but I don’t recall these firestorms when Reagan was Governor. Of the top-20 largest wildfires in California, only one was recorded during Reagan’s two terms as Governor (1967-1975).

    Fifteen of the twenty largest wildfires have occurred post-2000, and the intensity of these have been attributed to global warming. Well, there were Santa Ana-fueled fires in the 60’s, but they weren’t as destructive.

    California continues to build in fire zones, and residents are legally required to maintain 100-feet of clear space, or defensible space around their home. Well, that’s the same concept as clear-cutting the forest of 100 million dead trees which the experts say doesn’t work.

    Removing dead trees is not permitted if it disturbs the ecosystem. The California drought was exacerbated by the state’s rejection of a plan to build an aqueduct to transfer water from the central valley to the south because it threatened the habitat of a minnow.

    The minnow, which is more important than people or property, has since disappeared. Thank you Governor Brown (and the radical environmentalists) who are partly to blame for these horrific disasters.


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