Looking for the Perfect Movie?

You won’t find it at Wikipedia‘s list of films with a 100-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but you might find some movies that are worth watching. The list comprises only films with a critics’ consensus (staff-written summary) or at least 20 reviews. I went down the list and added to it the average rating given each film by users at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). I also added my ratings of the films that I have seen and rated. (There are several that I have seen but haven’t rated (indicated by*); they’re now too dim in my memory to rate retroactively.)

To be precise, I worked my way down the list, which is organized chronologically, until I got well into the 2000s. I then saw that beginning in the late 1960s, the list became less and less about entertainment and more and more about propagandistic, leftist “documentaries”. I venture to say that every entry after 1999 is of that character. So the table below ends with the most recent movie in the Rotten Tomatoes list that I have seen and rated.

The table lists 198 films, beginning with The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1920) and ending with Toy Story 2 (1999). How good are the 198? Well, 195 of them have an IMDb rating of 7.0 or higher; I rarely consider watching a film with a rating below 7.0. Moreover, 71 of the 198 have an IMDb rating of 8.0 or higher; I consider a rating of 8.0 or higher to be a badge of excellence. (You will note that my ratings are generally close to those given by IMDb users, with some notable and glaring exceptions.)

In addition to the following list, you may also wish to consult “Movies” (where, among many things, my rating system is explained) and “A Footnote to ‘Movies’“.

Rotten Tomatoes 100 percent